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Providing a site-wide logistics service is continuing to be a far more cost-
effective solution for major projects, meaning London Machinery
Movements manage & deliver the logistic for an entire 
contract. We make life easier for clients by managing subcontractors,
consolidating the service and offering the complete package for our

On-site Management

A classic example is the Lendlease, 8 Bishopsgate construction project; The benefits on having us site based have been immense, Including a full-time team on-site to deal with ALL DELIVERIES can help ensure that the management and offloading of all equipment is streamlined to a single movement contractor. We co-ordinate with the cranes, hoist and manage it all at the daily crane meeting and whenever support is needed

Beginning to End

We like to be fully involved from the start, allowing us to understand every contractors needs and at which stage they NEED our services. We attend regular progress meetings, liase with the sub & principle contractor, and can quickly make revisions to any lift plan needed, on the spot – you could not wish for a faster turnaround so that delays are minimal. We live in the site, so we are constantly aware of any changes in site conditions. It’s simply the best solution, to walk side by side with the client, every step of the way.

Support & Guidance

We can provide a comprehensive traffic management plan. This includes liaising with local authorities, road closures, temporary traffic lights, signage & barriers. We’ve got it all covered.

On target Completion

By providing a complete site-wide package, it allows you, the construction team, to fully concentrate on the bigger picture – unobstructed progress during all phases of a complex project.